This article was published on: 02/17/19 10:21 PM


The planned training product consists of three interactive multimedia modules that will be built on:
• analysis of existing VET programs and ongoing training in the photonics and laser technology field in partner countries;
• identifying the needs of the photonics and laser technology field workers with professional laser safety skills in partner countries;
• development of interactive multimedia modules in the field of laser safety that meet the established European standards for safe working conditions in the EU and the needs of the European labor market;
• technical, methodological and didactic development of modular e-learning concepts;
• developing language versions of partner countries’ modules;
• selecting an e-learning environment;
• adaptation of training modules to the requirements of e-learning technology;
• training of trainers;
• testing the developed modules;
• evaluation, refinement and certification of modules;
• dissemination of training modules on photonics and laser technology skills.