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iTStudy Hungary


ITStudy Hungary Ltd. (ITS) was established in 1989 by qualified IT experts with intensive research and development activities, based on their academic background. All activities and products of the organisation are related to the education in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The average number of paid staff is between 10-12, and there are 2 unpaid trainees from Hungary, and 2 students from Spain. Usually we employ 1-2 students from universities and vocational schools in every year for summer practice, and we give support for university students’ diploma work.

ITS is an Accredited Hungarian Adult Educational Institute and it is an ECDL Exam Centre. The main profile of the company covers: certifications and trainings in adult and vocational education in the IT sector; delivering further training programmes for teachers on new ICT-based methods (like project-based learning, flipped classroom method); developments of vocational curricula, digital learning contents, web-based collaboration platforms, mobile applications and e-Learning solutions.

The company worked for Intel Corporation, as a vendor of digital learning content for Intel® Teach Elements international platform, the localized Hungarian version of the course “Project-Based Approaches” were delivered by our developer team.

Related to these activities ITS has wide professional partnership at both national and international levels, collaborates with Hungarian and European primary and vocational secondary schools, research institutes, universities. It was the coordinator of the European LLL project: “TENEGEN – Connect the teachers to teach and reach the Net-Generation” (2008-2010) selected among the “Best practices” by the European Commission in the category of “Skills and competences of VET teachers, trainers and tutors” in 2012.

iTStudy has many years long experience in developing and running quality assurance systems, it operated under ISO 9001 Quality Management System during the last ten years, and in 2014 it introduced a new QMS developed for the special features of the educational sector.

In 2008 the company initiated the foundation of an IT cluster under the name of “Innolearn – the Cluster of Knowledge Network” in order to facilitate an intensive knowledge sharing between the academic field and the IT industry and to generate professional collaboration among the e-Learning providers. A special area of our developments is the Project and Quality Management in the education, we published a textbook for VET students on PM and we are working on a web-based solution for supporting institutional quality activities of the teachers and headmasters of vocational schools.


The main areas of the ITS’ former activities for this project are the development of ICT-based educational solutions for supporting technology enhanced learning (TEL), mobile applications, e-Learning platforms, digital learning content, video tutorials. All of these developments follow learning outcome oriented on competence-based approach, linking all technological components strictly to the targeted pedagogical aims. Research areas of the company (technology-enhanced learning (TEL), new learning/teaching paradigm of the information society, networked learning, game-based learning, educational use of social media and web 2.0 tools and video-based teaching methods) provide relevant experiences and inputs for the project implementation.

For the project iTStudy offers its expertise in developing online networked learning platforms (based on Open Source solutions, like Moodle and Drupal) for organising e-Learning trainings, generating knowledge sharing communities, planning curricula, and the development of digital learning materials. iTStudy will intensively take part in the exploitation and dissemination activities for wide audience of educational stakeholders.

MARIA HARTYANYI – managing director of iTStudy obtained her MSc degree in Mathematics and Geography from Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen. Till 2008 she worked as associate professor at the Department of Computer Science of Szent István University (Gödöllő). She worked as lecturer for distance learning and regular division in the fields of Object Oriented Programming, Relational Databases, Applied Statistics, and Technology Enhanced Learning. She is in the focus of her special research interest from the beginning till now of her professional educational carrier. Other activities: curriculum development, research, thesis development, consultation and review. She works as an expert for the Accreditation Body of National Institute for Vocational Education (NIVE), and she is working in the national project “Quality Development of the Vocational and Adult Education” (TÁMOP 2.2.1-12/1-2012-0001) as key expert with responsibility for controlling the sub programme of “Process oriented evaluation of VET institutes”. She is experienced in coordinating Hungarian and European projects in collaboration of primary, secondary schools and higher educational institutions.

ZSOLT LENGYEL IT engineer, obtained her MSc degree „IT-Engineer Teacher” in 2013 at the Óbuda University Budapest, and with diploma work on “Animations and New Web Technologies in Education”. He has been working from 2010 at Forrai Vocational Educational School as IT teacher (Web design, Multimedia, 3D Graphics). At iTStudy (from 2008 till now) he is working as project manager and developer, he is responsible for several web based developments (dynamic web application like Content Management Systems (CMSs) and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) based on Open Source Software solutions like Drupal and Moodle. As he works as IT teacher as well, he is very creative in developing and publishing digital learning materials.


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