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University of Ruse Angel Kanchev


The University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” was founded on 12 November 1945 as the first state higher technical school outside the capital of Bulgaria. It had been developing as a higher polytechnic school until 1995, when it was transformed into a multi-profile university with a Decision of the National Assembly of the republic of Bulgaria. 
Today the University of Ruse is among the 10 largest universities in Bulgaria. It is the largest Bulgarian multi-profile university along the Danube. It has extremely strong positions and significant influence in the Bulgarian – Romanian trans-border region along the Danube and in the entire Danube Region. 
There are eight faculties and two branches in the structure of the University: Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Health and Healthcare, Branches of Ruse University in Silistra and Razgrad. Over 8 000 students and PhD students study in all three degree levels, defined in the Bologna declaration: Bachelor, Master, PhD, as well as post-doctoral. 
The academic staff of the University of Ruse includes 430 highly-qualified lecturers – professors, associate professors and assistant professors with PhD. 
The broad research profile of the University provides opportunities for research and innovation in the most advanced scientific areas, as well as for participation in thematic networks and authorship developments of key importance for the economy of knowledge on a national and international scale. Annually, the University of Ruse organises and holds 15-20 prestigious national and international conferences. The Proceedings from the international conference CompSysTech are indexed by SCOPUS. The University publishes four international journals: Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Balkan Agricultural Engineering Review; Information, Communication and Control Systems and Technologies; Pedagogical Innovations.
The University of Ruse is a regular member of a number of prestigious international organisations: the European University Association (EUA); Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC); Visegrad University Association (VUA); Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC); Balkan University Association (BUA), the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).
The University occupies a leading position in the academic exchange of students, PhD students and lecturers under the Erasmus+ program and other international programs on the basis of over 400 multi-lateral and bi-lateral agreements with Universities in Europe and the world.
The University of Ruse has earned a leadership position in number and sustainability of projects implemented with international financing under various programs: Erasmus, Frame programs for research and technological development, operative programs of the Bulgarian government, Bulgaria-Romania trans-border program and many others.


1. PROF. PHD TAMARA PENCHEVA is main lecturer in optoelectronics, laserphysics & technologies, nanotechnologies.

2. ASSOC. PROF. PETKO MASHKOV is the leader of the semiconductor light 
sources group at the Angel Kanchev University of Ruse. He has strong 
expertise in the field of determination and improvement of the spectral 
and power characteristics of combined light sources as well as in the 
field of optoelectronics.

3. PHD STANISLAV PENCHEV is lecturer in the field of data acquisition 
and processing; embedded control systems; image processing and 
recognition; data mining and manipulation; optical processing of 

4. PHD BERKANT GOCH is a young researcher with experience in the field 
of LED lighting, his scientific interests are in the field of 
optoelectronics. He is lecturer in the optoelectronics classes for 
engineers at Ruse University.

5. PROF. PHD Ivan Evstatiev works in the field of electronisation of 
manufacturing processes, electronic control and control devices.

6. PHD ROSTISLAV KANDILAROV is a young researcher with experience in the 
field of LED lighting, earth sciences (meteorology and oceanology), 
laureate of the initiative for the popularization of science – Famelab, 
as well as a prominent science communicator in University of Ruse.



STUDENTSKA STREET 87017, Ruse, Bulgaria