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SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH


SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH is a private academy in the field of virtual postgraduate professional education. Every year we train about 400 professionals to improve their skills for still higher qualified job. We offer more than 500 Modules of qualification in 20 areas of expertise. Additionally, we offer vocational retraining for much-sought-after professions up to State Certified Business administrators ( Our 5 training centers are located in Middle- and West-Saxony. We have of a wide network of industrial and academical partners.
Our main method of teaching is web-based learning in a virtual academy named „VIONA“. Thereby, normally a group of 5 to 25 participants (sometimes from whole Germany) is directly connected with a trainer.
Our paid staff on-site consists of a team of 10 experts in Management of education and projects. Also we have concurrent access to about 420 highly qualified teachers and trainers with special competence for our web-based training. We are connected with other partners in Germany. Our strategic main partner is IBB Institut für Berufliche Bildung AG. In this cooperation we discuss and also develop new modules regarding the needs of the market.

Locations in Saxony: 5 
Paid Staff: 10
Pool of teachers: 420
Learners: 400
Main cooparation partners: 2
  (1. IBB Institut für Berufliche Bildung AG = Leader of  virtual education in Germnany)
  (2. apromace data systems GmbH = Hightech company in the field of Industry 4.0)
What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or
expertise of key persons involved in this project?
Even though our company exists for only 2 years, our staff holds comprehensive experience in the field of current project. Our key staff has many-years of practical knowledge in different education companies and also in different management positions. Some of them in their former companies also developed concepts of bilateral and multilateral European projects especially in the field of education.


Our main contribution to this project consists in the fact, that the web-based training on a high level is our bread-and-butter business. Based on technical an specialized knowledge from the other partners of project we are able to develop curricula/concepts. This includes also the adaption to the requirements of a virtual academy and the training of the trainers.
Dr. René Brunsch is CEO and shareholder of the SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH. He holds a Doctor degree in Economics. His main positions in the CV are IT-Manager of a warehouse concern, Manager for industrial customers of Deutsche Bank AG, Management-consultant. During the last 15 years he founded and/or joined different small hightech-companies (e.g. apromace data systems GmbH, a spin-off from the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg) and works also as a management consultant. He gives different lessons in industry to Industry 4.0, is a member of association of German foundrymen, and sometimes gives guest lessons at the Economic University of Sofia and at the Berufsakademie Bautzen. The good connection with the industrial customers (especially from apromace data systems GmbH) was one of the reasons to found the SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH.
Dorita Brunsch is CCO and shareholder of the SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH. She finished her study at the Handelshochschule Leipzig as Dipl.-oec. Her main positions in the CV are IT-Manager and Head of finance of a logistic company. She has been working in different upper management and CEO-Positions in private education companies for the last 22 years. She also developed different concepts of bilateral and multilateral European projects in the field of education and controlled the realization. By an early focusing of the vocational training on a virtual academy she is one of the pioneers of this new method in the region. She was and is responsible for the strategic development of our education business. In our company she is also working as a quality management manager to guarantee the high level of our virtual education as an „AZAV“-certified education company.
Mandy Franke finished her study as a Magistra Atrium in the field of adult education and vocational training. She also worked as a teacher in Mexico and Italy and has an excellent intercultural competence. In the field of education she works for more than 10 years. In the SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH she works as an education manager. Her main business is to analyze the personal education needs of our participants and to fit this with our wide range of qualifying possibilities.  
Our main business is to offer web-based interactive modules in various areas. We offer more than 500 different modules in a virtual academy (details are also presented on our website: These modules include for example medical, technical, management and linguistical topics on a very high level. By this way we improve the professional skills of our clients. To guarantee the high level of our virtual education we are certified by a national organization of quality control “AZAV”. The requirements to get this certificate are challenging and we have to repeat it every year.


SWA Bildungsakademie GmbH


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