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Association “European center for education, science and innovations ” (ECESI) is a non-profit organisation based in Bulgaria. They aim to promote personal growth and integrity as well as encourage a happy, healthy and wholesome way of life.  It aims to support innovative education in youths, adult and intergenerational education fields, to enrich motivation for lifelong learning, to increase adaptability of learners and to promote learning activities for all.

Many of our activities are focused on healthy lifestyle and alternative ways of life. Lots of attention is also given to environmental issues, ecology, culture and sustainable development.

ECESI’s mission is to create opportunity for whole life education of people no matter how old they are, their qualification and their ethnicity. ECESI is focused on professional orientation, education and teaching people at risk, and also young people and people with disabilities. ECESI offers better way of life for adults by participation as volunteers. As an organisation we want to give the chance to youth and also people with fewer opportunities to travel abroad, socialise and become open minded.

We work in several fields like trainings, youth exchanges, volunteering service, youth policies, community development, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, and social entrepreneurship.

Researches, development and implementation of innovative products and ware, based on new technologies are part of ECESI’s priorities.

The Association has а two-year experience working in career development for students and unemployed youths in the region of Gabrovo town.


The Association is actively working with schools in the region, supporting their initiatives and projects related to ecology and environmental education of students.

The Association has established good contacts with Vocational Construction School  in the city of  Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

It is a center for support and development of innovation in the region, high priority and attention is given to issues of energy efficiency and green construction.

In this regard, together with the Union of entrepreneurs and the Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association is an active partner in awareness campaigns among small and medium-sized enterprises from the construction sector to identify opportunities to participate in various national projects and programs related to ecology and energy efficiency.

The Executive Manager of the Board, Nedka Atanasova is an European engineer. She is engineer in the field of electronics. She has extensive experience in project management.

Dr. Eng.Tsanko Karadzhov is a PhD in optoelectronics. He has completed training in TU-Graz, Austria, using the MOODLE system, has experience in the field of e-learning and the creation of multimedia products. He has participated in e-learning projects at the Technical University of Gabrovo.

Eng. Atanas Atanasov, specialist in laser technology. More than 20 years Eng. Atanas Atanasov has been working in the field of fundamental research and industrial applications of laser technologies


European Center for Education, Science and Innovation

Venera-Str. 37, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 5300